A RECYCLING area has been created in Ramsey to encourage residents to be more eco-friendly.

D Marvan Services - which specialises in tree and landscape services - completed a project to create a recycling area at Ramsey War Memorial Hall which will enable it to hold more waste.

Suzanne Howe, a Ramsey resident who helps with the upkeep of the hall, said: "This will enable us to hold more waste and relieve some of the volumes from Tendring Primary Recycling Scheme.

"With the support from Danny Marvan and his team he has significantly reduced the cost for us and we are truly grateful to him and also Anglian Timber and A and S Aggregates."

Danny Marvan, of D Marvan Services, said: "I glad to have helped Ramsey war memorial create a recycling centre.

"The project was done to encourage the recycling of everyday waste and incredibly earn some surplus that can be re-invested back into other community projects."

Anyone wishing to find out more can visit Ramsey Recyclers on Facebook or email ramseywarmem@gmail.com.