DEDICATED police cadets who were involved in a project to regenerate Orwell Terrace have been praised for their work.

Harwich Police Cadets visited Orwell Terrace, in Dovercourt, twice during the summer to work closely with the residents to clean the garden.

Tony Francis, a Harwich Police Cadet leader, said the objective of the project, which was named the Garden Project was to form a relationship with residents.

He said: “We used the Garden Project to clear the garden and the cadets have interviewed a whole range of people from Orwell Terrace for their own education.

“The young cadets in their uniforms managed to gain the trust of the tenants, so residents started to talk to us, as an authority and came forward with their problems.

“The police officers are often the only point of contact marginalised people have with the authority and the cadets have experienced that.

“This project helped the cadets to become wholesome and rounded citizens.”

The leader also added the cadets will be meeting with the department of law at Essex University and will be lectured on the law relating to the problems at Orwell Terrace.

Mr Francis said: “This is part of the ongoing education of the cadets looking at deprivation areas, such as Orwell Terrace.

Police Cadets will continue working on the Orwell Terrace Regeneration project, subject to regular risk assessments.

The Harwich Police Cadets launched last April with 20 teenagers and several youngsters on the waiting list.

The cadets, who are aged between 13 and 17, meet at The Vibe Youth Centre, in Main Road, Dovercourt, on Wednesdays.

The Piecing Community Together Hub (PCT) is also working to help the tenants of Orwell Terrace.

The group’s main priority is to combat homelessness and poverty.

A spokesman for the group said: “Our central objective is to bring community resources into relationships to resolve anti-social problems.

“The Piecing Community Together Hub has a partnership with Tendring Council Housing and Essex University to ensure justice for all in each circumstance.”

The Grade II-listed Orwell Terrace building was part of a grand vision for Dovercourt started by the East India merchant John Bagshaw in the 1840s.

It was one of the buildings he completed before he was declared bankrupt in 1859.