A CONCERNED gardener has launched an appeal after a charity flowerpot went missing in Harwich.

Planters placed six pots, planted with daffodil bulbs and winter flowering pansies near St Nicholas’ Church, in Church Street, however one, which weighs about 30kg, has gone missing.

Frances Vincent, who is part of the Secret Gardens of Harwich, said: “It’s quite disappointing somebody would take it.

“If anyone knows the whereabouts of the pot, please call 07766 707379.”

It is believed the pot went missing on Sunday, December 15.

Harwich Secret Gardens has been planting flowers ahead of next year, when the whole town will be celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower ship’s voyage.

Gardeners also planted about 1,500 daffodil bulbs at the start of the bypass in Harwich about a month ago.

Money for the flowers had been raised through this year’s Secret Gardens of Harwich event.