DISGRUNTLED hospital workers from across north Essex have been left fuming after failing to qualify for a parking permit at Colchester Hospital.

Staff have had to reapply for place in the hospital car park.

However, only 1,000 spaces are being allocated and there are 3,000 members of staff.

Those who don’t get a space are expected to use public transport, the Park and Ride or walk to work.

One worker said the rejection had led to her applying for a job outside the trust after more than 20 years working there.

“Myself along with so many people have yet again been rejected for a car parking permit,” she said.

“I have worked for the hospital for just over 20 years and have been kicked in the teeth again.

“Now they will be losing loyal staff, good riddance is what I say.”

A spokeswoman for East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust said: “The whole aim is for the new permit application process to be fairer and more transparent for everyone.”