Boxing Day 2019, and a sea so wild it would fit into the frame of a Turner painting.

A plundering wave threatened to drag my border collie far from shore.

So I wish to express gratitude to the stranger who helped in my dog rescue.

Doesn’t this just go to show that, despite division and distress in society, people are fundamentally decent?

This proves how deep a community ethic can be.

No beach hut wrecking spree (Standard, December 27) the socially maladjusted, who like to exhibit the IQ of a fencepost.

Harwich remains a relatively sane and safe place to live.

Despite the winds of change shaking fundamental values and traditions.

In conclusion I may add my agreement to Ray Osborne’s (Letters December 27) comments about the part played by the ghastly gutter press in the general election.

Ray will know that just three billionaires own half the national newspapers, and their agenda is one of privilege, not people.

Collin Rossini

Main Road, Dovercourt