A KUNG fu master from China kicked up a storm on a return trip to north Essex after students took part in a pilgrimage to an ancient martial arts monastery earlier this year.

More than 20 students from Dragon Martial Arts School, which meets at Harwich Sports Centre in Hall Lane, Dovercourt, visited the Asian country to learn more about the history of their art.

As part of the club’s links with the Quingshaonian Wushu Zhongxin martial arts school in Taigu, master Wang Yuhan visited Essex.

As part of the exchange, Master Wang taught a set Hsing-I patten at a special training seminar at Long Meadows Hall in Dovercourt, which was attended by more than 50 Dragon Martial Arts School students from classes in Colchester, Harwich, Clacton and Manningtree.

Sifu Keith Dwan, chief instructor of the club, said: “It was an honour to have Master Wang visit our school.”

“We have been privileged to train with Master Bu and Master Wang in Taigu numerous times and have forged a wonderful connection with them.

“It has been fantastic for Master Wang to make a return trip to train with our club here in the UK.

“Mater Bu is one of the most respected Hsing-I masters in China and Master Wang is one of the most skilled practitioners in the world.

“He put together a special version of a Hsing-I form for a one-off seminar for Dragon students, as a celebration of our martial arts brotherhood.

“We now look forward to performing it for Master Bu on out next visit to China.”

Master Wang, who has also performed as a stunt double in numerous Chinese martial arts movies, is one of the most senior Hsing-I instructors in China.

He said: “It was wonderful to see how seriously the club takes its training.

“Being able to train with my brothers here in the UK, so many miles from China, has been a great experience.”

He added: “I’ve been made to feel very welcome in England and I am looking forward to seeing members of the club return to Taigu in the near future.”

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