This letter has had to be sent as I have on many occasions sent letters in the paper asking relevant questions of the councillors, to which I have had no reply.

So as a New Year’s Resolution, do you think you could have the courage to at least answer one?

As we know Conservatives won by a mile the election to run the country.

They look like they could make a very good job of it.

So take note Harwich councillors, we need answers.

What is your plan for Harwich?

Other than next time you put a motion to Tendring Council and they turn you down, will you run away with your tail between your legs as usual?

Or in this new year will you growl and show your teeth, be like the Dirty Dozen? Mind you I think there are more than a dozen of you fighting for Harwich, so get out there and show us what you’re made of.

First on your list of do’s, a drop-in centre manned 24 hours at the Mayflower Hospital.

Minor injuries is a joke.

The nurses aren’t as they work very hard, but the whole system is inadequate, we have to go 18 miles to Colchester or further on to Ipswich - it’s a complete disgrace.

My new year’s resolution is to keep on until you do something.

You could encourage companies like Matalan, Primark and Aldi into the town.

But no more houses.

I shouldn’t have to tell you or your colleagues how to do your job.

After all these years as a councillor you should know, but never forget you are a public servant voted in by the public.

So try to show them how you can make this a place worth living in.

I have to add I didn’t vote for you, over the past few years you have done nothing worth voting for.

Maybe you can prove me and a few thousand more people we are wrong.

Joan Cooper

Minerva Close