A CONCERNED councillor has called on housing bosses to outline the action it intends to take against rogue landlords.

Tendring Council will receive £100,000 from a Government fund launched to help crackdown on rogue landlords.

The authority has said it will use the cash to carry out a survey of privately rented properties across Jaywick, which is officially listed as the most deprived area in the country, to help shape how it engages with landlords and improves conditions for anyone living in substandard accommodation.

But Labour councillor Ivan Henderson, who represents Harwich and Kingsway, will ask Paul Honeywood, Tendring Council’s Cabinet member for housing, whether the council will be taking any action against rogue landlords, who may be breaking the law and making tenants’ lives a misery by offering inadequate or unsafe housing.

“Everyone deserves a decent and safe home to live in,” added Mr Henderson.

Announcing the £4 million fund earlier this month, the Government’s Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick said would help councils to take enforcement action against bad landlords and advise tenants of their housing rights.

Paul Honeywood is expected to answer the question at a meeting of the council on Tuesday.