COUNCIL taxpayers are set to see their bills rise.

Essex County Council is set to increase its council tax bill by about £50 for the average Band D household.

It means the average council tax bill for a Band D householder will increase from £1,270 to £1,321, in order for the council to raise its own council tax funding requirement of £707.9million.

This is in addition to the demands which will be made by district and borough councils and the Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.

It means Essex County Council’s part of the council tax is to be increased by 1.99 per cent, along with a two per cent social care precept, leaving the Essex County Council element of the council tax charge for a Band D property in 2020/21 at £1,321.11.

The recommendations follow a budget consultation undertaken last year and are due to be rubber stamped next month.

A report to cabinet states: “In response to the key messages, the most significant part of the budget is spent on social care services.”