THERE is no more frustrating crime to fall victim to than petty vandalism.

The destruction of property is often not just costly, but completely mindless.

Even worse is when the vandalism ends up having an effect on the wider community.

So the hooligans who targeted Mayflower Primary School by destroying a double-decker bus’s windows and damaging a classroom wall should hang their heads in shame.

Boredom is not an excuse, children’s education will be the thing which suffers.

Dozens of staff work incredibly hard to keep schools running under well-documented significant cost pressures.

Incidents such as this make things undoubtedly more difficult.

As bad is the senseless targeting of Christian Zimann’s seal watching boat.

While the repair bill of £400 might not seem that much to some, it is significant for a small business.

What is more, the firm is one of Harwich’s biggest success stories of recent years, bringing something unique to the town’s coastal community. These vandals have achieved nothing but causing misery. There are surely better ways to spend your time.