A PENSIONER is to go bald for the first time in his life to help disadvantaged people around the world who are struck by natural disasters.

Stephen Coiley, 67, of Barley Close, Mistley, has decided to do a fundraising head-shave to raise money to provide shelter boxes for disaster zones.

The dad-of two, who grows his beard and hair during winter to dress up as Father Christmas, said: “I’ve never been bald in my entire life.

“I’m not scared to do this because a lot of my friends are bald and it would mean I’d look just like them.

“Mine will grow back hopefully.

“If I get to raising £1,000 I will also have one eyebrow shaved and both will come off if I reach the £2,000 target.”

Mr Coiley added: “We live in a beautiful area and we are pretty safe from disasters.

“The head-shave makes me feel good, because I’m helping somebody out who is less fortunate than me.”

Money raised will go to Manningtree Rotary Club’s contributions to the international fundraising campaign.

Shelter boxes, which cost £600 each, include a tent and other essential supplies, which help people survive in danger zones or areas struck by natural disasters.

Mr Coiley said: “All the money raised will go towards buying these boxes which are needed in areas such as Australia, the Far East, Middle East or anywhere in the world.

“I’m hoping to raise about £2,000, because this would mean I can buy three boxes, which would help three families.

“Each box is designed to help four people.”

Mr Coiley will be having his beard and head shaved on Saturday at Fitness at Summer Park, in Dairy Barn Mews, Lawford, at 7.30pm.

Anyone who would like to contribute to the fundraising appeal can do so via bit.ly/38dVpll.