A FESTIVAL organiser is looking for people who would be happy to host an artist during a festival weekend.

Pam Fitzgerald has launched an “urgent appeal” for volunteer hosts for this year’s Harwich Shanty Festival.

She said they are building a database of residents who would be willing to host festival artists, all in return for a season ticket to the festival.

People would only need to accommodate artists for one, two or three nights, and everything else including food, drinks and transport will be taken care of by organisers.

She said: “We also need to know if anyone has spare bedrooms they would like to offer as bed and breakfasts to visitors.

“With the expected influx of visitors to the town over the Mayflower 400 celebrations the shortage of available accommodation is even more acute.”

“For the Shanty festival weekend this year all hotels and guest houses are already full.”

The Harwich Shanty Festival will take place between October 8 to 10.

Call Pam Fitzgerald on 07921 640772 or email info@harwichshantyfestival.co.uk or go to harwichshantyfestival.co.uk.