PEOPLE are often quick to criticise the youth of today.

This is why it is important to highlight the thoughtfulness of brothers Zachery, ten, and Zain Levett, eight, who set up a fundraising webpage after vandals wreaked havoc on their school’s library bus.

Their school, Mayflower Primary School, in Dovercourt, was damaged by yobs on January 12.

Following the attack, the brothers wanted to lift the school’s spirits up.

So they launched a fundraiser to help repair the library bus from the incident and to cheer up the teachers and pupils.

They are hoping to raise £100 which will help with the restoration work of the school’s double-decker bus which was set to be renovated in the spring before the vandalism.

Let’s hope the boys can raise the money and let’s hope the vandals are ashamed of their thoughtless actions.

Maybe they will take a long, hard look in the mirror and realise their foolishness has upset a lot of students who enjoy school and simply want to read books on their library bus when the weather gets better in the spring.

To donate to Zac and Zain’s cause, visit