MEMBERS of the public are being asked to have their say on proposals to create a neighbourhood plan for Ardleigh.

Ardleigh Parish Council is taking the first steps to prepare a neighbourhood plan for the village and it has applied to Tendring Council to determine the area to be covered by the plan.

While Tendring Council’s own emerging Local Plan gathers pace in its preparation, parish and town councils can also prepare their own individual neighbourhood plans.

Tendring council has started an eight-week consultation, which will un until March 16.

Nick Turner, chairman of Tendring Council’s Planning Policy and Local Plan Committee, said: “Neighbourhood plans are a great way for local areas to shape their future, and also provide further detail as we dive down from our district Local Plan.”

The application can be inspected at the Council Offices in Weeley, or on the website at

To submit a comment email or write to William Fuller at The Council Offices, Thorpe Road, Weeley, Essex, CO16 9AJ.