Regarding the Harwich connection with the Mayflower and its pilgrims, and the 400-year anniversary of their sailing to the New World.

On the strength of known facts the Harwich connection must be considered tenuous.

The vessel, with the crew and captain, could quite reasonably be claimed for association with Harwich.

The Mayflower pilgrims no.

In May 2010 I added a book to my library Making Haste from Babylon, the Mayflower Pilgrims and Their World: A New History by Nick Bunker.

Regarding the activities of Harwich Council, which replaced the Harwich Borough Council in 1974 when we lost our borough status, the transfer was ill defined as to the new responsibilities to be conducted locally - but protection of the town’s long-established history and associated matters, might have been expected.

We are, however, fortunate that we have a very active volunteer structure to give us encouragement for the future.

E. J. Heath

Manor Road