SCHOOLCHILDREN celebrated the Chinese New Year in style.

The pupils at Harwich Community Primary School and Nursery, in Barrack Lane, Harwich, marked the international celebration with an assembly based on deputy headteacher Debbie Byles’ trip to China.

The children were presented a collection of colourful pictures and learnt about the dragon dance.

Ms Byles said: “I told the children about my adventures at the Great Wall of China but also presented a different lifestyle.

“It was really good to show them how differently people live in China, compared to us.”

The school enjoyed a series of workshops led by the Education Group, where the children learnt how to create a Chinese dragon and lion processional dance, including eye-catching masks, parasols and fans as props.

Nazima Abulkhairi, Religious Education subject leader, said: “Classes were invited to wear lucky red clothes for the day.

“Both the children and staff were full of positive feedback from their sessions culminating in a group performance where they were all stars.”

She added the events helped to improve the pupils’ cultural capital and awareness of multi-cultural festivals.

The school had different activities throughout the week around the Chinese New Year.