A FOLK singer is heading to Harwich to perform songs from his Mayflower-ship inspired album.

Seth Lakeman has released a Mayflower inspired album called A Pilgrim's Tale today , to mark 400 years since The Mayflower sailed the Pilgrim Fathers to America.

As part of his tour of a range of locations which are significant to the Mayflower's story, Seth is coming to Harwich where the ship's captain Christopher Jones once lived.

Seth said on his website: "I am delighted to announce the release of my brand new album A Pilgrim’s Tale on February 7.

"It tells the epic tale of the Pilgrim Fathers on the 400th anniversary of the historic Mayflower voyage.

"A Pilgrim’s Tale features contributions from Ben Nicholls, Cara Dillon, Geoff Lakeman and Benji Kirkpatrick.

"To supplement the recordings, a between-song narration was written by associate director of Plymouth’s Theatre Royal, Nick Stimson, and read by actor Paul McGann."

Inspiration for the project came when Seth paid a visit to the Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts, which is near to where the Mayflower arrived, to talk to the Wampanoag people who still reside in the area.

The Wampanoag are people who lived in America long before Europeans arrived.

Seth will perform at St Nicholas' Church, in Harwich on February 11.

Visit www.sethlakeman.co.uk for tickets.