A CHARITY supporting siblings of poorly youngsters is trying to raise £75,000 for another holiday caravan families can enjoy.

Sponsor a Sibling was set up by mum-of-two Laura Rolph-Wills back in 2016.

Her youngest son Harry, ten, has a rare form of Batten disease which is causing him to gradually lose his sight and mobility.

She launched the charity after realising her eldest son Joshua, 13, was affected by his brother's illness and wanted to help siblings like him.

Laura, of Grafton Road, Dovercourt, is now hoping to raise £75,000 to purchase a second caravan for families in need of a holiday together.

The caravan will include a wet room and hospital bed, so even medically fragile children can have a holiday with their siblings.

The 36-year-old said: "We have raised more than £10,000 so far, which is an amazing achievement in such a short space of time and we are really grateful for the outstanding support.

"We have a target amount of £75,000.

"This will enable us to purchase the caravan, source the specialised decking needed, purchase a hospital bed, be able to cover the costs of the caravan for the first year and ensure everything is provided to enable super siblings and their brothers and sisters with severely complex needs to have a much needed free of charge holiday."

The charity's first caravan has been hailed as a "huge success" by Laura, and since welcoming their first family in 2018, more than 60 families have had a funded holiday which has allowed siblings to experience activities which are not often possible.

Laura said she wanted to fundraise for the second caravan so even more families can holiday together.

She added: "£75,000 is a significant amount of money for a small charity like Sponsor a Sibling.

"We are run purely by unpaid volunteers and don’t employ fundraisers like the larger charities.

"We are however, extremely passionate about what we do and showing our super siblings how amazing they are and have no doubt our dream will become a reality.

"We are hoping that we can provide the second caravan as soon as possible but ultimately have a five year goal."

To find out more about the charity go to sponsorasibling.co.uk.

To donate to the caravan fundraiser, click here.