A LOVING mum is having her head shaved to raise money in memory of her son, who died from cancer.

Wendy Jones, of Harwich Road, Mistley, lost her son Ashley - known best as Ash - to bowel and liver cancer, which eventually spread to his lungs, in March 2018.

The St John’s Ambulance worker was diagnosed with the disease soon after he, and his wife Victoria, tragically lost their five-month-old son George in February 2017.

George had been born with his organs growing outside his body, and despite successful surgery to put them back, he later died in hospital.

While the couple were still grieving, Ashley was diagnosed with cancer.

The former Manningtree High School student was just 31 years old when he died.

He left behind Victoria, who he lived with in Halstead during his final days.

Ash’s mum, who lives with her husband Mark, said: “I do a fundraiser for St Helena Hospice every year now.

“This year I am going to be nearly as brave as my son, Ash, who died of bowel cancer on March 24, 2018.

“I, with my very dear friend Liz Welch are having our heads shaved, yes, shaved, for this very worthy cause.

“They took brilliant care of Ash in his last weeks with us, so this is being done, by us, in his memory.”

Their head shave is set to be taking place at Stanway Scout Headquarters, in Stanway on March 21 at 9am.

Mrs Jones added: “I have a donations box that is sealed until the day it goes to St Helena Hospice.

“If you are feeling generous please either come and donate in the box at Mistley Place Park or please post an envelope through my door.”

To donate, visit https://bit.ly/2HxSLM0.