THIEVES have stolen items from two vehicles leading police to warn against leaving valuables in cars.

Officers received a report about thefts from cars in Low Road and Arderne Close, Dovercourt, on Monday.

David Hatch, of Arderne Close, said he noticed his car had been broken into when the front seats had CDs and other items scattered about.

He said: “I believe the thieves used an electrical gadget to open the cars.”

He said another car was broken into in Arderne Close and two more in Low Road and Stour Close.

An Essex Police spokesman said: “We received two reports items had been taken from two cars including a drill charger, iPod, iShuffle and a sat nav.”

If you have details, call 101.

Officers advised drivers to remove any valuable items from the cars.

Anyone wanting further advice should visit the police website on

Anyone with information is asked to call Essex Police on 101 quoting crime reference 42/26421/20 for Low Road and 42/26393/20 for Arderne Close or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.