I DON’T know if Harwich will win the national pot-hole of the year award, but with a decade of Tory preparedness they must be in the running.

Terry Gardiner, letters March 13, deserves a large Grimm and Tonic for his witty letter.

Not deserving of any award is Bernard Jenkin, who is frustrated at the town being isolated.

I was under the impression that it is his party’s policies that has fostered the coastal neglect in our area.

The coronavirus, along with that totalitarian tosh, Brexit, means our nation is heading for a perfect storm.

It’s a staggering fact that Brexit has cost more money than paid to the EU in 47 years of membership.

Blind in one eye, and unable to see out of the other.

These representatives of the people have spent a decade deriding experts at every level, about building on flood plains, homelessness, and the horrors of their benefit system.

All we hear from them is ‘Get Brexit done,’ as if a hollow incantation translates as a policy.

Humankind, with its love of adult toys, like cruise ships, seems oblivious to the damage being done to our oceans.

Now the Tory Prime Minister sees us as a ‘herd’, but where will we go to graze, when all the green fields are built on?

Collin Rossini