HARWICH Haven Authority's boss is urging businesses to support the town's foodbank before their regular donations dry up.

Donations to the Harwich Foodbank have dropped dramatically over the past week as many residents have been focusing on ensuring they have ample supplied in case they are required to self-isolate.

Neil Glendinning, chief executive of Harwich Haven Authority, said: "We know that the situation is very likely to worsen and through our corporate social responsibility programme we have been able to fund the running of the foodbank for six to eight weeks.

“It is obvious that over the coming weeks and months that the vital service the foodbank provides could be used even more by residents.

“Many larger businesses in the local area will have community funds and giving programmes that could be utilised by community groups in Harwich and I urge them all to support if they can.”

Lami Breader, Harwich Foodbank's manager, said: “I left our premises in the Morrisons car park last Friday with not one item on our shelves.

“I was stressed all weekend to the point of tears worrying about how we would be able to support our customers. The thought of going in on Tuesday to bare shelves was just too much.

“Over the weekend I did a few shout outs on Facebook and my faith in humanity returned when donations started to arrive on Tuesday morning. I then received a call from Harwich Haven Authority who offered financial support to get us through this difficult period. Myself and my staff were ecstatic, and it has taken a lot of pressure of us. We can’t thank them enough.”