A DANCE school's pupils have made history as being the first ballroom and Latin dance school who had ever competed in the Mardi Gras

Ballroom Business, in Hamilton Street, Parkeston took part in the Stars in Their Eyes event at Her Majesty's Theatre on Sunday, March 15.

The Mardi Gras is a dance competition, held every other year and it brings together dance schools from across the UK to compete for incredible cash prizes.

Chloe Carman, owner of the dance school, took all 33 of her students to perform with four other dance school from across the country.

She said: “I am so incredibly proud of my students.

“The amount of feedback we got from the staff commenting on the quality of our dancers was the most amazing thing.

“They completely exceeded my expectations like they always do- I am the proudest teacher on the planet.”

The dance school also held an in-house competition on last Sunday, March 8 and raised money for Haven House Children’s Home.

Julia Westlake came along to judge the competition and dancers, of all ability, aged between four and 14 took part.

The school also organised a fundraising raffle and half of the proceedings went to the charity.