A SELECTION of restaurants are running delivery and collection services for residents who fancy a night off from cooking while the country is in lockdown.

The Standard has complied a list of fish and chip shops as well as Italian, Thai and Indian restaurants around the Harwich and Manningtree area which are still serving their food to customers under strict government guidelines.

The Raj and Joi Tandorri, in Main Road, Dovercourt, is still running its takeaway service and the Turkish Meze Bar, in Dovercourt, is doing deliveries.

Pieseas Chippy, in Harwich, and Skippers Fish and Chips, in Parkeston, are both doing takeaway and delivery services to customers who fancy a fresh cod and salty chips.

Fish Fry and Grill, in Dovercourt, is also running.

Italians like Lucca Enoteca, in Manningtree, are doing collections for their signature homemade pizzas and Manningtree Pizza and Grill are doing delivery - as is Family Pizza, in Dovercourt.

Simply Thai, in Manningtree, is still serving its dishes and The Cabin Bakery, in Dovercourt, is still baking sweet and savoury treats.

The bakery is offering free deliveries around Harwich with a minimum order  of £5.

Every evening between 6.30pm and 12pm it offers bread rolls, cakes savouries.

Opening and delivery times vary and are subject to change, so please call the restaurants to check details.

  • If there are any other eateries you can get takeaways from, let us know by emailing hms.news@newsquest.co.uk.