THE world has all but stopped turning due to the outbreak of the coronavirus but somehow nature finds a way to keep going.

Green Island Gardens, in Park Road, Ardleigh, is 20 acres of garden professionally designed by owner Fiona Edmond.

Due to the pandemic, the gardens have had to close to the public on the advice of the Royal Horticultural Society but work will still go on behind the scenes ready for when the gardens can open once again in the summer.

The gardens feature different areas following themes of the seaside, water, woodland, gravel and the Japanese gardens.

Fiona, 53, said there are hundreds of rare varieties of species.

She said: “The garden is packed with unusual plants. We have got about 60 different species of the hamamelis, same goes with camellias.

“We have a national collection of autumn and winter flowering camellias and also have a national collection of the witch hazel.”

She added her favourite plants are the Japanese maples of which they have hundreds of varieties.

Mum-of-six Fiona said she started planting flowers as a hobby in the late 1990s but as time went on she put it on a more professional level.

“You don’t get rich from it, it’s hard work, so if I can keep it going that’s enough for me.”

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