A TREE fell through an elderly woman’s bedroom window causing about £5,000 of damage to her property and a car.

Andrew Chapman, 52, of Barrack Street, Bradfield, said a horse chestnut tree in a garden adjacent to his mum, Barbara’s, bungalow in Daleview Avenue, Wix, was blown down in strong winds on March 29.

He said the tree fell into his 81-year-old mum’s back garden causing serious damage to the rear of the bungalow, the roof, the greenhouse and his parked car.

Harwich and Manningtree Standard: DAMAGED CAR: Mr Chapman hopes his car will not be written offDAMAGED CAR: Mr Chapman hopes his car will not be written off

Mr Chapman added: “It damaged the fences, broke the bedroom window and glass was scattered on her bed.

“I’m thankful it didn’t happen during the night when she was sleeping because she could have been injured.

Harwich and Manningtree Standard: WORRIED SON: Andrew ChapmanWORRIED SON: Andrew Chapman

“I haven’t got the estimates yet but the damage is of about £5,000 but luckily the owner of the property where the tree was said he’d partially pay for the damages.”

Mr Chapman said he is angry at Tendring Council for not enforcing its powers to make the tree safe.

“They had plenty of time to sort it out,” he said.

“They had 13 months to sort the problem, but nothing happened.

“But I am thankful no-one was hurt.”

Tendring Council carried out an inspection of the tree and in February last year a report said the tree could cause damage to properties or people living there.

Tendring Council’s report said works were required to make the tree safe.

A council spokesman said the tree had been inspected and confirmed as being at risk of blowing over.

“In the first instance it is the responsibility of the landowner to take appropriate action and Tendring Council had contacted both the tenant and landowner informing of the need to undertake remedial works to the tree,” he added.

“Enforcement can only be taken as a last resort once all other options have been exhausted.”