Readers may, or may not be aware of a wonderful facility located in the Harwich/Dovercourt area.

I am writing about Harwich Hospital and in particular, Trinity Ward - it is a local “Jewel in the Crown” right on our doorstep.

I was a patient there from January this year to the end of March and am back home in a lot better health than when I was first admitted.

It is such a pleasant hospital to visit, with the always-friendly reception staff who first greet and direct you to the appropriate department for your needs.

In my case I was admitted via Colchester Hospital, where I stayed for several days, before being transferred to Trinity Ward in Harwich Hospital for rehabilitation.

The phrase “Harwich Angels” describes the caring team of health care professionals quite adequately.

The people working in Trinity Ward are a close-knit bunch, dedicated to the welfare of their patients, which is most comforting as I well know from being on the receiving end.

The carers and nurses are always pleasant and nothing seems too much trouble when their patients require attention.

I just want to thank them all, not only for me, but for the other patients I have seen in my long stay, getting the benefit of this marvellous team - this is a true nursing hospital for the community to be proud of.

Since writing this, a lot has changed with the coranavirus pandemic and I know the “Harwich Angels” will take it in their stride, if it comes to us.

We are so lucky to have all the good folk of the NHS working so hard to rid us of this terrible virus.

Let us not forget, it is the NHS staff in the front line who will do the important work and will get our nation healthy again.

Terry Simmonds