COVID-19 is best described as a blind date with death, offering no apology to who it takes in its wake.

So what we do not need is Neanderthal mentality setting fire to police cars, and further endangering public safety.

My wife slaves over a screen tutoring the children of NHS staff and key workers, so I have no time for the selfish, destructive and stupid menaces in our midst.

The police are not there to be priest’s soul, but to firmly administer social distancing and responsible public behaviour.

They are there for their duty alone; they need support, not sabotage. I think A Holmes (Letters, April 24), whose comments I completely concur with, might need to consider being ‘hard hitting’ is best left to the ballot box.

In ten years of power, the Conservative philosophy has served division, destruction and despotic laws in he name of austerity.

All those on the frontline, from a depleted police force to stripped down public services, have nothing to thank the Tories for whatsoever.

Marcus Needham’s letter last week states that life ‘will not go back to normal’.

There are many of us enjoying the slowness of life, the reconnection with nature, and the environmental bonus of less polluting air, and it is not uncaring to speak of this, when healing the pain and death of everyday news.

People are being reflective by reading books, and being creative, as shown in our local paper.

Along with the BBC, they are playing their part in bringing the nation together.

So if the virus is beaten, let us never again auction off for money our true values, and we should respect those who matter in society.

If this is not understood now it never will be.

Colin Rossini

Main Road, Dovercourt