THREE active siblings have spiced up home schooling by learning rhymes and making rap songs.

Aden, nine, Imogen, seven and six-year-old Millie Smith have been rapping about book reviews and have been making rhymes, inspired by MC Grammar.

The children, who go to Brooklands Primary School, in Brooklands Road, Brantham, have weekly lessons watching MC Grammar as part of their home schooling.

Their mum, Tania Smith, 32, of Cattawade Street, Brantham, said the programme has been a big help in teaching the children from home during the coronavirus outbreak.

“The children have really taken to home schooling and are really enjoying all the activities set by their teachers each day,”she added.

“After the recommendation of their teachers, they are watching MC Grammar’s show every Tuesday and Thursday morning as part of home schooling.

“This has really encouraged my children with learning their nouns, adjectives, similes and much more and it also helps them remember them through singing MC Grammar’s songs.

“The children are learning without really realising it.

Mrs Smith, who is a mobile nail technician, said MC Grammar gives out various activities to learn each week, like asking children to make their own rhymes.

She said home schooling has not been easy and it took them a little while to get into a routine.

“It can be hard teaching three children of different ages, however it has been very rewarding seeing how the children have progressed and it is good being able to see them complete their work,” she said.

“This is something as parents we do not get to see when they are at school.

“We have been very proud at how they have taken to the strange change and how much effort they are putting in with their work and trying to impress their teachers.”