THREE sisters have been transforming into Toy Story characters to lift the spirits of youngsters in Mistley, Manningtree and Lawford.

Abi, Phoebe and Amy Holmes, from Manningtree, have been dressing up as animated characters such as Woody and Buzz to cheer children up in Lawford, Stourview Avenue, Mistley, and Colchester Road, Manningtree, during the lockdown.

Abi, 19, is part of the entertainment team at Team Jungle Adventure in Colchester, and her boss Paul Wiles provided her with the costumes. She said she got her sisters Phoebe, 13, and Amy, ten, involved to dress up with her around the area.

She said: “So far we’ve done multiple visits to Mistley, Manningtree and Lawford and have done birthday visits as far as Brantham.

“We hope to do as many visits as we can during these uncertain times to bring smiles to all the little ones’ faces and we’ve enjoyed doing it just as much. We’re also doing birthday visits where people can get in contact with us and we sort out one of the characters to go and sing happy birthday.”