I TOOK part in the protest march on Saturday against the planned development of Low Road, in Dovercourt.

I have lived in Dovercourt all my life and as a young boy I often ventured through the fields to the beach.

At that stage I pretty much took the beautiful countryside and wildlife for granted.

Even when I grew up and took my children to the area it did not enter my head that one day the landscape and wildlife could disappear.

On Saturday my wife and I took our three granddaughters for a walk down the public footpath and through the fields to the sea wall.

They really enjoyed themselves seeing the various types of birds, dragonflies, and squirrels.

Just before we reached the sea wall we watched two adult swans with their cygnets in one of the waterways.

It was very quiet and the swans had built their nest where they would not be disturbed.

If the application for the chalet park and pub was given the go-ahead I am pretty sure this would drive away the local wildlife and the enjoyment of our families in years to come.

I urge Tendring Council to turn this application down once and for all!

It is essential we save areas of natural beauty and our wild life for generations to come.

Mr and Mrs M. Daniels

Low Road, Dovercourt