A CRIME commissioner has highlighted the importance of the police tackling road, drugs and car crimes in Tendring.

Essex’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Roger Hirst was asked if police should continue pursuing car crimes as many cases are dropped due to the lack of evidence at a public meeting.

The meeting, streamed via Facebook Live, was held to update the public about the police and fire service in Tendring through a panel of industry representatives.

During the meeting, listeners were able to send in questions, which were read aloud to the panel.

Mr Hirst, who was on the panel, was asked if car crime was worth the police’s time.

He said: “Well yes I do think it’s very worth police time.

“Roads, drugs and car thefts are a blight on our society.

“I think we know those committing road crimes are some of the most lethal people in the community.

“We need to take these crimes seriously.”

Mr Hirst said drug driving has become a bigger problem than drink driving.

“Drug driving is on the increase, and we partly know more about it as we have better ways of detecting it,” he added.

“We know people on drugs are killing other people.

“The other thing to realise is that most of us know when we have had a drink and that we are unfit to drive. Drugs are different, it is harder to know where we are with them.

“So yes, frankly I think we commit far too little resource in these crimes.”