AN author of a book linked to the historic Mayflower ship, held a detailed talk as a guest speaker for a museum.

The Mayflower, captained by Harwich’s Christopher Jones, sailed the Pilgrim Fathers to America 400 years ago.

Centuries on, an Englishman called Warwick Charlton built a replica of the Mayflower and sailed it to America.

The ship, built in 1957, was aptly named the Mayflower II and has now been visited by more than 25 million Americans.

Mr Charlton’s son, Randal, has written a book about the ship and his father.

Mr Charlton is now running online talks about the book, called The Wicked Pilgrim, and his father.

He recently held an online lecturer as a guest speaker for the Alden House museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Mr Charlton said the Mayflower II is relevant to young people today. He said: “We are two nations separated by an ocean which can never keep us apart. America and the UK share a lot of common values, particularly democracy and a love of freedom.”

He said he would love to see the ship used, not just to tell the story of the first sailing, but to also explore ways in which the ship could be a focus for Anglo-American scholarships for young people.

Mr Charlton Added: “Last year a Phd student from the University of Plymouth went across to America to study native American social practice and I would love to see a fund set up someway associated with the Mayflower to develop exchange scholarships.”

To view the talk, got to

The book, The Wicked Pilgrim is available via Amazon.