DOZENS of families enjoyed visiting Harwich and Dovercourt’s historic attractions which were open as part of National Heritage Weekend.

Every year, the Harwich Society opens its seven visitor attractions during National Heritage weekend for the public to explore.

The attractions include the Redoubt Fort, the Radar Tower, the High Lighthouse, the Treadwheel Crane, the Lifeboat Museum, the Maritime Museum and the Ha’Penny Pier Visitor Centre.

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of the sites could not be safely opened to the public this year.

But visitors were still able to visit the Napoleonic Redoubt Fort, as well as Bobbit’s Hole Nature Reserve, which is in Dovercourt.

Dan Beck, Redoubt Fort’s team leader, said more than 100 people visited the fort during the weekend.

He added: “We had strict guidelines in place, with visitors having to wear masks when they were inside the museum.

“We had Second World War reenactments and people dressed as soldiers who told children about the history of the fort.”

He said the children learned about guns which would have been used during the war.

Guided tours of the historic fort also took place throughout the weekend for visitors.

Meanwhile, in Dovercourt, volunteers were on hand to show children around Bobbit’s Hole.

Youngsters had the chance to learn about the reserve and even hold slow worms which use Bobbit’s Hole as their home.