A report was unable to find a single source of an outbreak of streptococcus that killed 15 people, but what actually happened?

In February 2019 Public Health England identified an outbreak of the invasive strand of Group A streptococcus (iGAS) in the Mid Essex area.

A total of 39 people were infected, 33 of who were confirmed from a blood test to be a part of the outbreak, with a further six possible cases.

Sadly 15 of those infected died.

Of those, 12 died at Broomfield Hospital and one at Colchester Hospital.

The infection is caused by a bacteria that can be found in the throat and on the skin, which can become deadly if it enters the body and organs such as muscles, lungs, or the bloodstream.

All but one of the individuals were having treatment from primary care providers, supported by community nursing services for skin/pressure ulcers or other kinds of wound.

All of the individuals were aged 76-95, nine were female and four male.

In March 2019, Public Health England established an incident management multi-agency team to work to control the transmissions of the infection and to prevent more people from becoming infected.

Since August 2019, no further cases have been identified.

The incident management team stepped down in January.

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