A POSITIVE Covid-19 cases has been confirmed at a primary school in Dovercourt, a headteacher has announced.

Nicky Patrick, the headteacher of Spring Meadow Primary School, has issued a letter to parents explaining the actions the school has taken since receiving the news.

The school was informed of the positive case from Essex and Southend Tracing Services on Friday afternoon.

During the weekend the school reviewed its risk assessment and protective measures, and Mrs Patrick said she is "confident" all necessary measures are in place.

The school has been able to self-isolate the single class bubble connected to the case and keep the rest of the school operating as normal.

Mrs Patrick's letter, sent to parents yesterday, said: "I have reminded all staff of the need to maintain a safe distance from the children, so please don’t be surprised if your child tells you that their teacher is marking in a different way or asking them to do more things independently.

"There may also be occasions when school staff may wear a clear plastic visor when close to your child for a prolonged period of time.

"As you know, we have had new arrangements in place for the start and end of the day.

"The vast majority of parents have been absolutely brilliant at following those guidelines, but you will be aware that I have been concerned about large groups of adults and children gathering at drop off and pick off time.

"Please be reminded that all parents and carers must leave the school site immediately after dropping off or picking up your child, even if this means returning later to collect another of your children from a different class.

"Please expect to be asked to move on if you are not adhering to this procedure."

Children, however, will not be allowed back into school after the end of the day to go to the toilet or collect items which have been left behind.

"I am afraid that this is not possible going forward as we cannot have unsupervised children wandering around the school using toilets allocated to other classes or coming into contact with children from other bubbles."

The symptoms of Covid-19 are:

• A new, persistent cough

• A temperature of 37.8 degrees or above

• A change in sense of taste or smell

The guidance states that any of those symptoms in isolation could indicate a Covid-19 infection and should be checked out by booking a test.

Symptoms such as a runny nose, or sore throat do not need a test unless they are accompanied by any of the symptoms above.

All of your household must self-isolate, which means you cannot come to school or work until the results of the test are known.

If the result of the test is negative, then all household members may return to normal daily activities.