AT times of adversity and uncertainty, such as during this pandemic, it is often true that ordinary people become the unsung heroes, using their talents in the best ways that they can.

I was heartened to hear the story of industrious 89-year-old Dovercourt resident Flo Osbourne, who has used her skills to bake more than 100 savoury and sweet pies for elderly and vulnerable residents, despite having only a pint-sized kitchen.

Posts on Facebook have been viewed at least 49,000 times, probably more than the Great British Bake Off.

So well done Flo, your family are very proud of you, and your generosity of spirit will bring some cheer and happiness to many people.

Wigan in Lancashire was once the capital of pie making in England, but it has now moved to Dovercourt!

There are always many good things coming out of Harwich. the sea shanty festival, the Mighty Duckpond Football Club (double champions a season ago), and now Flo’s fabulous pies.

The pies sound wonderful.

Hopefully Flo will receive some recognition from the community for her sterling culinary efforts.

Graham Day Ridgeway, Stowmarket