MORE than 100 students helped raise thousands of pounds by completing a sponsored walk inspired by Captain Tom.

Children from St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, in Dovercourt, have been learning about the remarkable work of Captain Sir Tom Moore in their lessons.

The former British Army officer and centenarian managed to raise an incredible £32 million for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden in April.

After feeling inspired by Captain Tom, pupil Gracie Gueizelar, aged five, came up with an idea to emulate his great achievement.

Greg Gueizelar, Gracie's dad who recently joined the PTA board, helped turn the idea into a reality.

Mr Gueizelar, who lives in Dovercourt, said: "Raising funds has been very difficult whilst everyone gets used to the Government's regulations.

"But we wanted to remember all those who have given so much to our country and whilst Captain Tom has touched the hearts of the nation, his works has left a rubber stamp on the pupils of St Joseph's as its triggered them to delve into the history of those who have given so much to this country.

"The members of the PTA went to the headteacher with the idea of emulating Captain Tom's walk in aid of the NHS by asking if the children could follow in his footsteps and do a sponsored walk/run of 1km."

The distance equates to ten laps of the school field. .

It was agreed to take place on Remembrance Day, with the school coming to a standstill at 11am to remember our fallen heroes.

A total of 118 pupils took part, as well as the teachers who whole heartedly supported the event and all managed to complete their ten laps.

It was agreed that any money raised would be split between resources for the school and the British Legion.

Each child was presented with a medal on completion.

Money is still being collected, but so far a total of £2,500 has been raised.

Mr Gueizelar added: "The children enjoyed the day so much, and we feel this could be an annual event on Remembrance Day to give to a charity which the children can relate."