A COUPLE who experienced a baby clothing boom during the first national lockdown have opened a shop.

Ross and Charlene Thurston started an online business earlier this year called Happy Kids Fashion, which offers clothes for babies at affordable prices.

The pair, from Colchester, found their sales went "through the roof" after just two months of launching the business, and they are now opening a shop in The Kingsway Plaza, in Dovercourt.

Ross, 33, said: "The idea began in the first lockdown, as we needed to bring in an extra income as we had been furloughed from our employer Rubix Bar in Colchester.

"We have three boys together and have always struggled to find nice, high end clothing at affordable prices, so we decided to put everything we had into this business and give it a go and so far the response has been amazing."

The duo are hoping to open the business on December 2.

To find out more visit, happykidsfashion.com.