A FUMING councillor has branded the lack of desire to properly repair a road after resurfacing works failed as “disgusting and dangerous” for drivers and residents.

Resurfacing works were carried out in Parkeston Road, in Dovercourt, in September, but cracks have again started to appear resulting in the road becoming uneven.

Since then, angered residents and passionate campaigners have consistently called for the road to once again be completely resurfaced by Essex Highways.

Harwich and Manningtree Standard:

Ivan Henderson, Essex county councillor for Harwich, is also desperate to see the road properly repaired, but is concerned it will not happen for a number of months.

“I have asked the council to look at this again and again because it has got worse and is really bad,” he said.

“What is perhaps more shocking, which I cannot believe, is it will not be permanently repaired until May, apparently because of the types of material they use.

“So, residents and vehicle users have to put up with this poor state of road, even though it is a danger for drivers.”

According to Mr Henderson, a section of bypass between Parkeston and the Ramsey roundabout was repaired over the busy Christmas period.

Harwich and Manningtree Standard:

He has now furiously questioned Essex Highways over why the work in Parkeston Road has not been able to be carried out much sooner.

“How come Highways England can sort the bypass out during the month of December, but this road has to wait an unacceptable six months?

“The road has definitely deteriorated, mainly as a result of the increased number of lorries which were diverted to access the port whilst the bypass was being resurfaced.

“It is not acceptable, and the quality and maintenance is just disgusting, and it should be sorted much earlier.”

Mr Henderson said he was informed by Essex Highways that investigations to determine the reasons for the road's resurfacing failures were now being carried out.

In an email seen by the Gazette, Essex County Council's told Mr Henderson the failed repairs could be sorted when a zebra crossing is installed nearby.

"There is a proposal to install a new zebra crossing close to where the worst of the micros surfacing failure occurred," it read.

"We are currently looking to tie an extension to the surfacing work planned for the crossing, if it gets approved to deal with the failed area at the same time. 

"This work is being planned for the end of March 2021. Officers are expecting our Micro Surfacing Contractor to contribute the cost of what would have been their repairs to make this workable.

"The areas which remain are beyond this. where further remedial work will need to be undertaken, but as we have previously advised these cannot be repaired using Micro Surfacing until at least mid-May 2021, as the material is a seasonal product. 

"The site is being kept under review."