A ROAD which has seen constant reparation works is to undergo further improvements later this year.

Highfield Avenue, in Dovercourt, has been plagued by consistent failures to have its surface adequately fixed.

Essex County Council confirmed the latest programme will see the road be fully resurfaced from July 19-22 this summer.

This means the top layer will be planed off and a brand new asphalt surface laid, in a bid to rid problems once and for all.

The road resurfacing will be the third time Highfield Avenue has had work done in the space of just over a year.

The surface laid previously by the council has been compared to ‘Rice Krispies’ by one resident, who was less than impressed by the way it quickly cracked again.

Town councillor Ivan Henderson said the works are a result of short-termism.

He said: “Initially the council used a jet-patching method, however this all came off which left one hell of a mess.

“We were then left for several months with the road in a really bad state again, so eventually after a long time they came back, dug it out, took the surface off and properly patched it.

“Still they left places not fully filled in which means, for a third time, only a few months on the council found they need to do a total resurface.

“I think this is a prime example of the fact highway maintenance is out of control and residents can see their money being wasted.

“Temporary and minor patches plus road resurfacing, this road has had all three. Can you imagine how much money has been wasted on just one stretch of road?

“Something is seriously wrong, we’ve lost control and need to gain it back.”

Mr Henderson has since called for improvements to King’s Quay Street, Parkeston Road and the stretch of Main Road between Upper Dovercourt memorial and the top of Parkeston Road.

Residents have raised concerns that the surface of the road is coming off and spraying up onto the pavements.

Mr Henderson expressed how he has no qualms with the engineers who he praised for doing a “fantastic job” in keeping up with what they have to do.

In a statement, a spokesman from Essex County Council, who are responsible for the roadworks, said: “To keep Highfield Avenue safe ahead of resurfacing, we carried out nearly 450 metres squared of patching in December to fix potholes and prevent further deterioration.

“Planned resurfacing will be carried out in the new financial year, from April 1.”