A COUNCILLOR has blasted lazy residents who left litter strewn across green areas of Dovercourt.

Following the good weather which accompanied the bank holiday, many people flocked to parks to enjoy the sun.

Low Road field often sees a large number of people turn up and enjoy the large space available.

However, mess left behind has proven to be an unwanted consequence.

Town councillor Jo Henderson explained her frustration.

She said: “There are recycling facilities nearby so there are no excuses. We’re not saying don’t go out, don’t use the fields, but to leave 30 odd bottles strewn across the grass is just wrong.

“The poor groundsman now has to clear it all up when he should be spending his time looking after other areas and making our town look nice – instead he has to now go round picking up unnecessary mess.

“Calls for more bins are fair, but when it’s glass and there are glass recycling banks just metres away then it’s not good enough.

“It’s mindless. Go out and enjoy the sunshine but please be thoughtful of your surroundings.”

Meanwhile, the Tendring Council issued a reminder to residents after they too raised concerns about the conditions the fields were left in.

In a statement they said: “When out and about in the district with friends and family whether it is our beaches, footpaths or green spaces please consider the environment around you.

“Try to only leave your footprints behind. Please pick up after your dog, place litter in bins or take the rubbish home with you.”