A LANDMARK radio studio was the stage for a new documentary about a ground-breaking album by one of the UK’s biggest rock bands.

The documentary about the making of the Who’s iconic 1967 album The Who Sell Out was filmed on Radio Caroline’s radio ship Ross Revenge, which is moored on the River Blackwater.

To celebrate the release of The Who Sell Out – Super Deluxe Edition, Sky Arts will screen a special classic albums documentary on April 23 – the day of the album’s release.

The documentary examines the record in detail, delving into the original multi-track recordings and with exclusive interviews with Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey and other notables.

Film crew arriving on the Ross Revenge

Film crew arriving on the Ross Revenge

A Radio Caroline spokesman said: “The Who Sell Out is a collection of songs, interspersed with fake commercials and purporting to be a broadcast by the offshore station Radio London.

“The album used Radio London jingles instead of Radio Caroline jingles. Had they used Caroline’s jingles at that time they would have fallen foul of the Marine Broadcasting Offences Act 1967, which was aimed at shutting down pirate radio stations.

“Radio Caroline was approached by film company Eagle Rock Films asking if they could film a significant part of the documentary on Ross Revenge. The filming took place in September last year.

“One of the studios on Ross Revenge was dressed with props and actor James Harris, in 60s gear, played the role of a Radio London DJ.

A glass partition was removed to allow the camera to film one studio from a second studio

A glass partition was removed to allow the camera to film one studio from a second studio

“The film also includes interviews with the surviving members of The Who.”

Eagle Rock Films is the in-house production division of Universal Music subsidiary Eagle Rock Entertainment and produces music documentaries and concert films about greats such as Ronnie Wood, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Mark Ronson, and Tears for Fears.

The documentary is due to be aired at 9pm tomorrow.