YOUNGSTERS are helping two duckings to settle into their new homes at a nature reserve in Dovercourt.

Family support charity Homestart Harwich is helping prepare two little local ducklings for their move to their Bobbits Hole.

Bobbits Hole is the Harwich Society’s nature reserve in Dovercourt and the two Mallard eggs were found abandoned by the lake.

Following on from last year’s success when Homestart’s Wendy Taylor successfully incubated and reared three ducklings, the eggs were immediately transferred to Wendy’s incubator and successfully hatched.

The ducklings who will join the mallard family on Bobbits Hole’s lake.

Aileen Farnell, from the Harwich Society’s Bobbit’s Hole team, said: “We are very grateful to Wendy for again incubating and rearing these tiny little ducklings in her home.

“It is a very delicate and time consuming task requiring great dedication and she has done brilliantly.”

The result is that the ducklings are now accompanying the Homestart families on their regular visits to Bobbits Hole so that they can gradually get used to their new home in an outdoor environment.

Wendy Taylor, from Homestart Harwich, said: “It’s incredibly rewarding to watch the journey that these tiny little ducklings go on before they are finally ready to enjoy their new home at Bobbit’s Hole.”

“Everyone connected with Homestart Harwich loves being part of their progress and they are coming on very well.

“They certainly bring a smile to everyone’s face.”