A CHARITY is offering free prom attire to any school students who may find themselves unable to purchase their own.

The North Essex Support Team, which operates out of Dovercourt, Harwich, is dedicated to helping families and individuals in need.

The team of volunteers have now set their sights on the forthcoming prom season with a view of kitting out any pupil who may otherwise not have an outfit.

Following an appeal, more than 200 pre-loved dresses, suits, shoes, and accessories have been donated to the initiative.

These will now be handed out to students and their families from the charity’s Pop-Up Prom Shop, which will set-up camp at Park Pavilion, in Barrack Lane, on June 6.

A spokesman for the North Essex Support Team said: “You are welcome to bring your young sons and daughters without judgement to choose an outfit for the big event.

“Every outfit will be completely free of charge, but every child attending must be accompanied with a parent or supporting adult.

“We do not take donations, no money will change hands at all - everything came free to us and comes free to you.”

Anyone who wishes to donate any pre-loved prom dresses or suits can also do so on the day of the event, which will run from 11am until 3pm.

To find out more visit facebook.com/NESupportTeam.