A DISGRUNTLED resident claims the regulations on waste disposal at some of Essex’s recycling centres have encouraged fly-tipping.

Peter French, from Mistley, has laid the blame for the continuous dumping of rubbish across Tendring at the feet of Essex Council.

The issue has plagued the area in recent weeks as councillors and residents battle to keep it under control.

But Mr French, 65, has said the rules at Dovercourt Recycling Centre often leave people with no choice but to fly-tip their rubbish.

Harwich and Manningtree Standard:

He said: “The council has simply made it much harder for people to dump rubbish which you can’t just put in your dustbin.

“There is no doubt if the council made rubbish disposal points more accessible this issue would not exist, for example letting small trucks use the service.

“I have a Ford Ranger which is not allowed in the local tips, so I have to take my waste all the way to the main tip in Colchester – how many normal people have that ability?

“Even if I’m just trying to dump domestic rubbish, which is allowed at Dovercourt, the rules don’t permit it.

“So, how do people dump larger items they can’t get into their small car? They fly-tip.

“The local authority has created an environment where some people have no choice.”

Harwich and Manningtree Standard:

A spokesman from Essex Council said: “Residents disposing of their household waste can do so free of charge at all Essex Council’s recycling centres. Business, trade and commercial waste is not accepted at any of our centres.

“DIY waste, even when generated in the home, is not classed as household waste.

“However, the council has been able to accommodate limited quantities of waste arising from DIY activity at a small number of larger recycling centres free of charge.

“This is over and above the council’s statutory duty.

“At smaller recycling centres, such as Dovercourt, we are unable to accommodate vans and large trailers, or DIY waste, due to the limited capacity at the site, potential for congestion and also on-site space for customers unloading.

“Access is provided for van drivers disposing of household waste by our nine large sites located throughout Essex.”