A MILESTONE has been reached in a tree planting initiative in Tendring with the last of 30,000 saplings bedded into the ground.

The Tendring Woodland Initiative Group (TWIG) set out to plant 30,000 trees to mark the 30th anniversary of the Tree Council – which Tendring Council has been part of since it was founded.

Volunteer tree warden Mike Wadham came up with the idea and agreed with local farmers across the district to plant on their land.

Funding for the trees came from the Tree Council and Network Rail, with support from Essex County Council and local contractors Environmental Design Ltd and Silverton Aggregates.

Farmer Alan Gosling planted the 30,000th tree.

Michael Talbot, cabinet member for environment, said the tree planting will help to moderate the effects of climate change.

“Trees not only enhance the appearance and biodiversity of the district, but also help to capture carbon and produce oxygen for us all,” he added.

“Hats off to the TWIG team for making this happen and a big thank you to them and all involved, including the landowners. I look forward to seeing these trees grow and develop over the coming years.”

With support from Essex County Council’s Essex Forest Initiative, Tendring Council has now planted more than 40,000 trees.

Mike Wadham is now seeking sponsorship and funding for the next phase of tree planting to take place later in the year.

Landowners or sponsors wishing to get involved should email Clive Dawson, tree and landscape officer, at cdawson@tendringdc.gov.uk.