A SUPPORT group for veterans across north Essex has been launched to predominantly focus on post traumatic stress disorder ex-soldiers may suffer with.

North Essex Veterans’ Support Group is a new initiative set up by former British Army soldier Jamie Robinson and his wife and Sharon Robinson with the help of volunteers from the local community.

The group will launch with a breakfast club from 9am until 11am on July 31 at the Crown in Manningtree.

Mr Robinson said: “A lot of people ask who a veteran is, and in answer to this question is a veteran is anyone who has served in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces.

“Age is immaterial we have veterans whose age ranges from late teens and beyond.

“Gone are the days where all our veterans are old boys from the First or Second World War - we have had many conflicts since and must recognise all of these and the impact they have had on our veterans’ lives.”

The support group aims to provide the help that will at times be complex in nature.

It became apparent to Mr and Mrs Robinson after working within the veterans’ charities environment for more than a decade that there were a lot of veterans missing out on support in the community where they live.

Mrs Robinson said: “This situation if addressed properly could be remedied if the whole community could unite its resources and work together to benefit everyone.

“Post traumatic stress disorder is going to be a huge focus for the support group and signposting veterans to the support that is out there will be a major part of the day to day work.

“Many veterans and their families are going through hell and don’t know which way to turn for help.”

A host of events are being planned over the next year for people wanting to learn more about the group and support it offers.

Anyone wanting to speak to Mr and Mrs Robinson can email sharonrobinson163@yahoo.com or jamierobinson61@yahoo.com.

They can also call them on 01206 970382.