A Ryanair flight had to make an emergency landing this morning at Stansted Airport.

The Captain requested a priority landing at 10:07am on Friday (May 28) after the flight experience technical problems.

According to flight tracker websites, the plane had taken off from Stansted but then circled around before landing again.

The flight was a non-passenger Lauda Eurpoe Flight so no one was injured.

Before landing the plane pilots used 'Squawk' code 7700 which indicates a general but unspecified emergency, according to planefinder.net.

Squawk codes are made up of four numbers from 0 to 7 and are used to indicate a number of emergencies. The higher the number the more serious the incident, with 7777 being the most serious and 0000 being the least.

A spokesperson from Ryanair said: "A non-passenger Lauda Europe flight LW888 today (28th May) experienced a technical problem in-flight.

"In accordance with procedures, the Captain requested priority landing at Stansted, where the aircraft landed safely at approx. 10:07 local time."

Fire crews from Stansted own fire service were also in attendance, but this is a standard procedure.