A CRICKET club was left with “dangerous” litter left strewn across its pitch and nets as bank holiday revellers left a spate of rubbish across Harwich and Dovercourt.

The warm weather saw an influx of people enjoying the opportunity to socialise and soak up the sun, but mess strewn across the towns left a sour taste following the celebrations.

Smashed glass and litter was left by the cricket field and nets in Low Road, while further mess was left in Low Road field.

The field often sees a large number of people turn up and enjoy the large space available, however the mess left behind has proven to be an unwanted consequence.

Lee Davis, Harwich and Dovercourt Cricket Club chairman, said: “Obviously I’m disappointed with what has happened. It’s not the first time the club has been affected by people in what is essentially vandalism.

“I understand people want to have fun but I urge them to do it in a way that doesn’t affect others.

“I would ask those behind the mess to act responsibly. There’s no issue with people having fun, especially after the past year, but what they left was dangerous.

“Youngsters will be playing down there through half term and we have training sessions for youngsters planned.”

Broken glass and further rubbish was also found strewn next to the all-weather pitch at Dovercourt Bay Lifestyles leisure centre in Low Road.

People were quick to point out the recycling facilities just yards away from the cricket club, with one resident branding those behind the mess as “lazy.”

Town councillor Maria Fowler has repeated her urges for people to be more responsible for their rubbish.

She said: “What I always say to people is they need to show some responsibility for their own litter, whether in their home or in their car – do the right thing.

“It annoys me but we have to keep plugging away at it and make people understand they are ruining it for everyone else by leaving a mess.”

“This is an age old problem and I don’t know what the answer is, but my best guess would be to educate people more on the issue.

“It’s been going on for years, and it can be seen in multiple areas across the town. I do believe education over the years as improved, however, and children these days know more about recycling than their parents may have when they were their age.

“It’s time people started tidying up after themselves and played their part in keeping our town looking clean.”